31 thoughts on “‚Superman: Requiem’ (Full Authorized Fan Film)

  1. Eu serei o Novo e único super mam da vida real , E combaterei o mal com issu eu serei um Herói , eu sou feliz

  2. So they managed to put together enough cash to make a movie,but couldn't raise one cent for some acting classes for the cast? 

  3. I have seen this before….it,still,is a job well done….great colours…vivid production.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. cant understand the use of the kryptonite  on Supermans Blood Cells HE would not have BLOOD taken no NEEDLE could do this to him

  5. Not bad for amateurs. BUT The actor that plays Superman is PHYSICALLY TO SKINNY! 4 the ROLE! Dam I'm suggesting a fat actor either. HES NOT IN SHAPE NO MUSCLES!

  6. I think that this was an amazing film. If this was made back as one of the movies in the Trilogy with Christopher Reeve, I think it would have fit in perfectly. I loved Mr. White's actor, he was great for the part, his acting wasn't too amazing. Other than the acting which I do think is better than I would ever be able to do, This is my favorite Superman movie. Although I haven't seen any other Fan Films.

  7. Anyone who thinks this is the worst Superman film ever hasn't seen the Superman musical that ran on TV in '75…. ("It's a Bird, it's a Plane, it's Superman!", and last I looked you could still find it on YouTube).

    But seriously, yes as fan films go it went rather well! You can't compare fan films to big budget Hollywood productions.  Come to think of it I have seen some stuff out of Hollywood that barely scrapes by, and those are just ones that actually got released. There are pictures that got made that make 'Plan 9 From Outer Space' look like 'Citizen Kane'!

    It doesn't take great wit to trash a fan's labor of love.  So, me 'at's off!  I couldn't have done it.

  8. For a fan flick it's pretty good.  I liked it, maybe even because of the bad acting and really lousy audio track. The music is good, though. Consider that it's the work of individuals who really love the Superman ethos.  It shows a lot of effort.  There are a LOT of actors in this flick.  A lot of people willing to do this.  So give them credit.  It's not A level, but it works.

  9. I could be wrong, but the dialogue might just be on par with the original Superman Comics type dialogue ~~ just a thought.But it's worth it just to read the hilarious comments… I love it!!

  10. thank you thank you sooooooooooooooo much for uploading this  here was trying to find it every were to watch this,
    so thank you again yay =) your the best !!

  11. Still better than Superman IV: The Quest For Shit. Why are the flying scenes in this better than IV? I can say that the guy who played Superman was not good…not good at all. If they had taken a little more time with a few things, it probably would have turned out o.k.

  12. Interesting, some good moments, some good acting, interesting premise, writing was better than I expected. But Oh my stars, the super pudgy super dopey super boring lead actor was the worst imaginable actor for the part ever. Like epically bad, horribly bad, embarrassingly bad, what were they thinking bad. Chops to the dweeb for trying, kudos to him for… for… O.K. I got nothing.

  13. on a scale of 1-10 I give it a 7.5 for its been a long time since ive saw a superman film I love it it turned out so well it inspires me to patrol as the hero I once was before the amazingly stern birdman I love being a hero ive gonna unlock my superpowers real soon using the power of binaural beats hypnosis meditation and youtube and my mp3 player

  14. For almost no budget, it's hard to criticise it. Fair play to everyone involved. Lot of respect for the time and effort put in to it. Not my least favourite superman movie, which in itself, is pretty incredible considering the budget was less than a McDonald's commercial.

  15. Excuse me, but this motion picture is perhaps the best of Superman I've watched. This proves that special effects do not a great movie make. Lots of compassion and passion both on the good and evil sides. Wonderful. I found myself completing the film when i usually just move on. The actors were well chosen, no brawn, no pretty boy, just a man that had metaphysical powers. Also let me correct the bad acting comment another made. This acting was non pretentious, not bad at all. Compare the acting to pretentious actors, and you'll find that they all together embraced the very heart of who Superman is supposed to be. They pulled it off brilliantly. Just because one is not familiar with them does not disqualify them as bad actors. I wish I could write more about this well crafted original film, that I think brings Superman to even a higher degree of understanding. Thanks

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