37 thoughts on “Prisoner: Cell Block H – Episode 1

  1. I am starting from the beginning for the second time. I just finished the last episode yesterday. And I'm so excited to watch it again 😛

  2. And the CORRECT title of this show is the single word: "PRISONER"! It was made by an AUSTRALIAN production company, employing AUSTRALIAN actors of both genders, so the title given to it by that AUSTRALIAN production company should be the title by which it is known in ALL the markets in which it is shown. We don't change the names of your TV shows, DON"T INTERFERE with the naming of OUR shows!

  3. Vera seemed more human then, calling prisoners by their forenames.

    Mary Ward, who portrayed 'Mum' is still alive at the age of 103.

  4. Who scored the music for this episode? It has the same characteristics as Mad Max. I remember seeing this on WPIX in NYC back in the day; Frankie was my homie.

  5. I have been watching Wentworth on channel 2. None of them compare to Bee, Frankie and Vera from Prisoner.
    Thanks for posting.

  6. 28/6/18 – •Just finished episode 692. Back to watch them all again.

    Looking forward to Lizzie getting drunk. Doreen moaning. Vera being miserable and snarky! Miss Davidson’s clipped intonations. Chrissy, Saying, “You Bastard!!!!!.” Fletch the letch. A dishy Dr. A plethora of battered wives. The life and trials of MeggiPops. And lots and lots of laundry and fags!!! And that’s just the first 250 odd episodes!!!!!

    Here’s to another helping of the best TV show ever!!! PCBH!!!!

    •18/7/18 – on episode 110 already! Poor Fletcher! ?

  7. Frankie, Lizzie and Doreen were halfwitted Bogans, the Australian prison system is filled up with people like this.
    They seem harmless enough but allowed to roam free they burn down buildings, mug old women and stab innocent passers by in the streets whilst high on booze or drugs

  8. I'm on episode 444, but I had to come back because I was curious… they really didn't have good lighting in these early episodes lol

  9. Everything looks so quaint… shows like this were made by people who took everything they had for granted so they could complain about the rights their particular group didn't have (other groups don't matter). It's slogan was "If you think prison is hard for a man, try woman's prison" —- apparently no one had seen a man's prison in those days. Just dumb.

  10. on Episode 565 (4th binge) and boy did this show hit a low compared to how GREAT the first season was ESP this first episode!!!

  11. hands down id take vera any day would love to know her my gran and her used to know each other they were good friends but doubt she remembers or does she i swear i heard my gran talking to her

  12. I'm starting to re watch this series. I used to watch PCBH but never from the beginning (it became nostalgic mid 80's) but got fed up and stopped watching before it ended. So marathon begins. Thank You for uploading!!

  13. The good thing about Wentworth, is everyone is now discovering this old classic show. You think Wentworth is good? This show had to keep the pace Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights/early mornings, here in the UK and it ran for a long long time consecutively. Even though by the end they had cut it to Friday nights only. When this show finished we got yawn remember 'Dangerous Women'

  14. I was brought up watching prisoner cell block h when I was a child and I love it and I also love the spin of prisoner cell block h called "Wentworth".

  15. Legendary stuff.?
    When TV was TV and there was only 1 TV in the house and the whole family could sit and watch without having to worry about obscene language and graphic violence.This was a low budget show that went on to become and have a cult like following?
    The characters in this show where amazing,B Smith,Lizie,the soft as shit guvnor?and the top screw Vera (vinegar tits)where absolutely priceless and the cheap TV set in the studio where when the doors where slammed the whole wall would shake and nearly come down?all made it the legendary programme that it became.And the violence was like comical playground stuff??wich I wish it was still like today as the violence in shows and films are way to graphic and realistic these days.NO WONDER THE YOUTH ARE SO VIOLENT AND RUDE???
    The remake of this has nothing on the original and thank you so much for uploading these absolute gems☺?I'm going to enjoy watching these with my wife.AMAZING UPLOADS?
    Can't believe how many thumbs down this has got.

  16. I used to watch this after school. I just started watching Wentworth and I realized they were using similar names I hadnt realized they were related

  17. I remember the very first episode of Prisoner cell block H it's my absolute favourite Australian series and episodes I love the cast Amazing ????

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