29 thoughts on “Killer Wave | 2007 | Mini Series | PART 1

  1. When water levels noticeably drop get the Hell out of there. Sometimes, that attracts even more people to the shore, as they rush to pick up all the flopping fish. I liked this movie.

  2. The wave is +20 of the pressure and the Wind so the pressure wiil push the wind and water so the wind will push the water so that only i can do

  3. Again  Right from the Start… NEW JERSEY..  lol    I Am from NJ..   and if anyone has ever noticed  NJ is mentioned in a lot of movies..  people living there,  come from there,  passed through there,   pictured on a postcard and  was tattooed on an arm in a war movie..   what is there fascination with  N.J.   (stupid movie people)       BUT  Great Upload-Thanks for Sharing    Off to seek Part 2 ….    What a cliff hanger!

  4. They could have picked a better for man for the lead role. And why does one of the so called body guards have an 80's goatee?! The other one needs to lose weight…can chase and fight when you can barely breathe.

  5. I wish they would state how these weapons are made to manipulate the weather to kill people. It's all about purging but the weapon is nature…tidal waves and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions and creating earthquakes…just like the move THE CORE with Hillary Swank and the guy that played the president in Olympus and London has Fallen. Both of those movies…that guy was the scientist and they destabilized the magma core flow by simulating shock waves within the earth crust.
    This seems to be the same idea…create disruption in the ocean floors to cause a tsunami and let it loose.

  6. ?❌?✅ Hi this is a super ( 2 ) part movie ? both parts need to be seen to be appreciated ? 1st – September – 2018 ? From – RHI – ENTERTAINMENT ? and – Staring = Angus – MacFadyen ❎❌????

  7. Why didn't they run when the water retreated? Staying at the beach when the water quickly retreated like that is like standing in the middle of tilted towers without a gun and thinking you are in playground mode when you're not

  8. Classic Movies Channel is a fool. All the uploads look weird as the scenes look like they are chopped off and closer than they should be.

    On top of that, since he spent billions making these movie so he needs, to put his RED logo on it, which is distracting when trying to watch the screen.
    Its obvious this dude has no clue what so ever about colours or how video/tv or film works.

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