50 thoughts on “Han Solo 2018

  1. and his two children? WTF???? less than a minute and you got me LMAO. What is with the repeating edits? A never end wastes of time.

  2. I say it over and over again… Jamie needs to cast as Robin Williams in a Bio movie. He does excellent as Han Solo, but I see Robin in those eyes….. he needs his break….

  3. mightaswel make your own starwars spin off people, that's how terrible last jedi and force awakens was, and this is better lol what did they do with all that money making those movies??

  4. For a fan film, this is absolutely amazing. Great sound work, lighting, camera, great acting and costumes, and a likeable Han….all on a low budget. Great work! And this was clearly a lot of work.

  5. He is better Solo than the one in Cinema (that one is rather short i think.. LOL)… I hope this one can be a real Solo in The Movie…

  6. You lost me, quick cut editing, no scene transitions, each repeat of Han chapter gets darker and darker last scene is basically a black screen, no context for other characters chapters. One good light saber scene, the rest is crap. Yea, the guy did a good "Han".

  7. This is so much better than the garbage movie Solo…. Jamie Costa is brilliant as Solo! I still like Anthony Ingruber best for the role but Jamie Costa is such a brilliant performer, and actor. Hope he gets to play Robin Williams one day cause OMG……… lol

  8. 3/5 of this is just loops of the first sequence. The other two sections bear no relation to the first sequence, or to each other. While each section is interesting, and well done, the assemblage is merely disappointing.

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