49 thoughts on “Fling | Full Movie (HD)

  1. Well, he literally deserved that ending. She made the right decision by ending up with the right Man.
    All in all, This is f**** crazy! How could people do such things??? hell! getting dragged by their instincts ? all loving each other, all having sex with each other.

  2. Wow, this was at the very least heart breaking. I felt the stinging pain, but in my perspective I dont really agree with this kind of relationship. I'm much more of a James person. I kind of liked the ending tho. I truly believe Mason and Sam could've been perfect in their own way but sadly, it wasnt just that way. Their love was lacking. They both deserved better. A good random movie to watch!

  3. Open relationships are so dangerous.
    It's not about being traditional or modern.
    This perspective can ruin many couples and mariages.
    What's with the caller ring tone?

  4. Oohh such a different lovestory, so sad .. Anyone notices the other sister that hook up with masson is Avrill lavigne , kidding its lookalike .

  5. Fling is a one night stand not a relationship? This movie is confusing. So happy i have only been with one person my whole life. Over 30 years and counting…thank goodness!

  6. I think the ending was so perfect otherwise I would have not believed it after the way he told the other girl that he would leave her for her because he love her soooo much!

  7. Never expected to watch the whole thing, but it drew me in and I really enjoyed it. Top notch production, from the story, the characters, the set design, etc. Kudos to casting.

  8. The girls are so B E A U T I F U L! I love Sam and Olivia and their facial expressions, they are excellent actors. High quality film. The camera work is fantastic, love the close-ups of the girls faces. Very clear picture. The producers did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

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