50 thoughts on “Falcon Rising movie 2014 ✪ Michael Jai White action

  1. Michael Jai White is using indiegogo to raise the money, to make the film "The Outlaw Johnny Black" go to http://theoutlawjohnnyblack.com help him , because if you ever want to see "Blood and Bone 2" and "Black Dynamite 2", this is the only way it will happen. That is with your support.

  2. No tan solo existe el idioma ingles…también el español y lo hablan tanto como el ingles ! En una gran parte del mundo. Además estas llegando a una publico de habla HISPANA y LATINA !!!

  3. I've watched "Blood n Bones", and its the sane bag I saw in that movie am seeing in this movie. What's up with the bag? Lol

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