50 thoughts on “Demi Lovato: Simply Complicated – Official Documentary

  1. I’ve been wanting to watch this documentary since it’s come out and I’m so glad I’ve finally taken the time to sit down and watch it. It was such a beautiful documentary. I loved Demi then, and I love her even more now. She’s such a strong, beautiful, and courageous woman. ?

  2. Her story has helped me realize my own issues and what steps to try to take for recovery. Starting my recovery needs to happen soon. Watching her helped me realize that

  3. I have so much respect for her now. But I just want to say something. My music teacher said “It’s sad…Many people in the arts industry (music, art, dance, acting, etc) fall into this terrible lifestyle.”
    Me; What lifestyle
    Other kid; DRUGS. HE MEANS DRUGS.
    I’m just glad she has recovered.

  4. i havent felt connected with demi for years….thank you for this documentary because i feel what i felt when i first found you in your early disney time. i missed you

  5. This made me love and respect Demi even more, now I finally can understand what she was going through those years. I’m so proud of you Demi! ?❤️??

  6. After watching this, I started the process of going to rehab. I should be going at the beginning of May, after insurance approval. I'm scared.

  7. This just shows that even stars are human. Everyone makes mistakes and we are ALL human and it’s fantastic to know we are all in this together. There is this stigma that stars are perfect in every way, which is not true. Seeing and hearing your story is amazing. Thank you for sharing this.

  8. I saw this as an ad as I was waiting for a video to play, ended up clicking on it and finding this version for free. Hooked as soon as I started watching it, it’s so good. I was bawling during the part where she talks about Wilmer. This was pretty dope and I definitely look at her differently in a good way

  9. Did anyone else think “if she lied before and people believed her could she be ….? ?Naaah.. or…….?. Naaah?! ? for a second maybe did anyone or I’m just trippen.

  10. what. a. baddie! I've been a long time fan of her voice and now I'm absolutely obsessed with her journey and values. Demi, you've always been incredible, I'm happy you're embracing it. you're an inspiration to us all. cue the sunglasses and the joint

  11. So proud of your accomplishments Demi! I wouldn’t of had any idea in a million years the struggles you have faced. Those are huge struggles I’ve seen others deal with with my own eyes and some it was to late for them. It’s a daily battle but your facing it head on! This is encouraging for others who struggle with addiction. I cried thru most of this! Thank you for the encouragement to face my struggles head on and I love the new music!!!

  12. This is so fricken beautiful and inspiring. I can relate to some stuff in this and to watch her actually tell her story and trying to help others by saying "ik how you feel" and take action helping others and herself. The whole thing is just so beautiful.

  13. I have always had this love and admiration for Demi. It’s crazy that she went through all of this in the eye of the public and many of us were oblivious to it but to overcome it all and come out ten times stronger is amazing. So much respect. Seeing you continue to grow makes me want to work on my own personal growth. Thank you for sharing you story and creating the music you do. Your voice is mesmerizing. So proud of all you have accomplished ❤️

  14. I’ve always loved Demi. Ever since the Camp Rock days. She’s so talented and a great person. I’m so proud of her for pulling herself out of that shit.

  15. the tea is: she's getting all this praise and didn't drop one celeb name for controversy the entire documentary. we stan legends only.

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