50 thoughts on “Buena Vista Social Club – Full album

  1. buena musica cubana, es muy buena y la musica es unibersa, para todos, no importe su idimoa pero nos gusta felicidades cubanos, un saludo de un hermano mexicano.

  2. I love how Sense8 included the song "Chan Chan" in one of their episodes. Such a beautiful song and it fitted so well with the characters. 🙂

  3. I'd listen to this on the way to Spanish classes in college. Only attractive instructors in my life. Made me care so much more about learning it

  4. The only benefit of communism is music forced on artists at ages too young to understand… these men were choosen to play at age 3 and this is the group in its prime… the only good thing

  5. I bought the CD in 1997 and I was astonished with naturality, emotions and beauty of this music and performance of these extraordinary musicians. To this day I enjoy this album same as back then. Excellent job

  6. Spanish , I don't understand a word but i love these guys and beautiful spanish women . I need to learn this language for it's slowly taking over America

  7. Dese chile con mucho cariño al pueblo cubano. Que viva la revolución cubana, Que viva Fidel Castro y los héroes de la revolución .

  8. Afro-Cuban music…..Simply beautiful…Big shout-out to the forgotten people of Cuba ….The Afro-Cubans….May your spirit live in the hearts and minds of people all over….
    Sending love from Kingston Jamaica.

  9. Notas claras en armonía te transportan a un lugar desconocido pero agradable, la música cubana te conecta con un sentir una forma de vida una pasión

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