30 thoughts on “Breaking2 | Documentary Special

  1. E.K is simply a Legend. The Greatest marathoner of all time. Hail the king. I heard one of the pacemakers say ''No matter what happens today, this guy's simply amazing.''

  2. When we were recording "Thitima Anthem" i wouldn't have imagined it will be used in Eliuds Kipchoge documentary, where he proves his winning character. Surely 'No human is limited' am proud of being part of this project thanks to NatGeo, Nikes' Martin Dirty Robber and Eric Musyoka who was point of contact in Kenya. Thitima means electricity and yes Elid Kipchoge is Thitima Hahaha. God bless

  3. Honestly, he could have pushed a little harder….i swear he backed off. Haha, obviously just kidding. The guy is a legend. He felt tired in the last three laps. I was tired watching this! Still, good motivation to go for a run.
    On a side note, I wonder if Nike still use exploited workers to produce its products?

  4. The ethopian anti doping agency is pretty disorganised and epo is available over the counter in this country, stop watching disgusting sports full of cheaters. Shame on you NIKE and National Geographic for promoting this stuff.

  5. He is a remarkable human being. Eliud, you are extraordinary. No Human is Limited. What confidence, what persistence, determination and devotion, Lelisa and Tadese are also awesome athletes. well done

  6. i'm certain now that living the worst case scenarios since a very young age is the key to overwhelm your body limiter, most of foreign athletes (foreign means outside Africa) with all comfortable life-style tools cannot reach that level as long as they were born with a silver/gold spoon in their mouth, not taunting them though, cheers you guy!

  7. Creo que Eliud pudo romper esa marca de las 2 horas pero no quiso, el es un hombre y un atleta extraordinario y pienso que no tenia nada que demostrar a nadie.

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