29 thoughts on “Born of Hope – Full Movie

  1. Has anyone heard about Peter Jackson's new movie – 'Man Boils An Egg'? Three hours long, and we don't even get to see him eat it….they are saving that for the blu-ray Special Edition – 'Man Boils And Eats An Egg – The Hard-Boiled Edition', six hours long, with director's commentary, discussing how many eggshells were used, what sized pan they decided to boil the egg in and how much traction to put on the man's slippers, just to keep the pace of the movie 'Jacksonesqe'.

  2. Born of Dope, starring Snoop Dog. – Born of Rope, starring Sam's Elvish Magic Rope. – Born of Rope-A-Dope, starring Somebody-ass Ray Leonard. – Born of Nope, starring your Ex. – Born of Cope, making little if any sense. – Born of Grope, starring Donald Trump. – Born of Mope, starring sad people. – Born of Elope, starring your daughter. – Born of Antelope, starring the NRA. – Born of Scope, starring your dentist. – Born of Kaleidoscope starring two scopes kaleiding.

  3. We once had hope… but then 'we' put it down somewhere …that's what 'we' says, anyway …and then it was suddenly missing. So, yeah. we lost hope. In an attempt to regain hope, we bought an economy sized can of hope regainer called Hope Regain, and the next thing you know, still no hope….

  4. Never mind the film (only for the purpose of this comment though) – it's just so heartening to see such lovely, positive comments from others. There's a wide range of language and minds out there and I appreciate your good will and good taste & willingness to share these things. Would have loved to have met Tolkien and C.S. Lewis…..deep thinkers & exquisite writers.

  5. simplesmente delicioso cara para que curte o senhor dos anéis isso é a a maravilha em pessoa trilha sonora fantástica
    fodaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa muito melhor que grandes produções por ai para um filme independente mano inacreditável………………….

  6. HI, We are from China and we are loyal fans of middle-earth. We love your movie BORN OF HOPE very much. But we can't access Youtube in our country because of the network control. Can i get a copy with chinese captions which add myself and play the video on the website http://WWW.BILIBILI.COM. And all Chinese people can see the movie. They will be very happy.

  7. Numenor was a gift from the Valar to the Edain (then to be Dunedein), Sauron the Deceiver in the guise of an angelic like figure, coerced the then extremely powerful Numenoreans to turn on the Valar, and attacked them with a great host. Which they lost, and Numenor was sunken along with Saurons angelic form. Three ships carried the Men of Numenor (line of Elendil the Tall) loyal to the Valar still, to Middle-Earth where they had colonies already. Arnor and Gondor rose and had a golden age. Sauron forged the ring of power, and cprrupted jealous kings of men, i.e the Witch King. Combined Strengths of the Noldor, and the men of Numenor, fought their way to Mount Doom and won. You guys know the rest. I know the lore to middle-earth like it is actual history. Beautiful stuff. If you love LOTR so much as to watch this indie film, go read from the begining of Arda, up to The War of the Ring. Excellent stuff. Beleriand, sunken lands west of the Shire and Mithlond. Great stuff

  8. all movies no matter what their cost is are originally from books and can only be great as their stories so no matter how high the budget given on a production, if the story is not worth reading then I would not bother with the film no matter the cost of it and the great actors in it. I do not watch a film only because of its cost in actors etc but how great the story will attract my attention and want to watch till the end. Many indie films and small productions have become famous such as My Big Fat Greek Wedding who the author starred in it and was herself surprised at the result of the critics to the point a sequel was made

  9. A nice independent movie and i assume a very tight budget. I have one nitpick, why are they using the name Sauron? Sauron at this point is still hiding and using others or other names to do his bidding. Other than that nice little movie.

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