50 thoughts on “Beast: A Monster Among Men | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

  1. and one would choose to be on a road trip with these idiots that abuse each other just stick a needle in your eye u be happier than dealing with these sick men thank u for the download

  2. The only thing scary about this film is what I did in the bathroom when i was done watching it! Don't waste u'r time!


  4. not one person in this could even kind of act they totally sucked and ruined the movie, and same ole story , and its unrealistic that people would act that stupid

  5. Not a bad movie. My only drama is mister big mouth, never shuts up, it's all your fault! It seems like if your not exactly like him, think like him, talk like him, act like him your weird and he's going to punch you in the face. I think that part is over acted right from the start. I don't mean by the actor, I mean the script. Surly no one is that ridiculous! That part needs to be toned down heaps.

  6. I know that every movie needs an ass or a creep to make for drama, but this one guy — NAME? — is beyond believably irritating! I don't even know his name, but I hate him (the one who picks on Eli.) He should be tormented with his mouthy comments, etc. I haven't quite finished watching, but I had to tell the world how much I despise his character!!!!!!!

  7. Kings Of Horror ~ We loved this,good watch right here! The beginning had us wondering there,it appeared to be just as they were thinking,that it was the one that they raped his sister,yet it wasn't,then we were wondering why he`d go after others as well,who had nothing to do with that,so wasn't making sense. Then,that ending,oh what a mystery there,never thought it would go that way,loved the ending,wish we had a bit of a closer look! Still wondering about the two men,one had touched the ground & backed away as if he felt an electric shock,never saw them again. Gratitude for sharing another great movie!

  8. For low budget with some aspiring actors it was pretty good. It would have been very disappointing if Eli had been the killer. Morally it would not have been a good lesson. Better that it be a sasquwach(?sp).

  9. Shouldn't that be 11 missing person reports? Not: 11 missing persons reports? Doesn't make any sense, and if the film starts with such an obvious error it must be crap.

  10. I would have watched it but too many adds , I dropped cable and satellite television due to the ridiculous amount of adds and unfortunately it's now becoming the plague of the internet … how sad 🙁

  11. This wouldn't have been too bad if not for so many holes in this storyline. Film budget problems, poor story writing , whatever reason being … lowered the quality of the whole movie .. It could've been so much better.. Then there's the ending , it was too short. Although it was a nice gesture of rid the world of assholes by thinning the herd..?..
    I mean I didn't hate it, perhaps I was expecting more out of it. Also after reading some of the other comments I learned that I may have had my expectations set a lil too high, but still seems minor tweaking here & there could have made a big difference.. So keep at it ??.. I've seen larger budgeted films a whole lot less enjoyable then this one.

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