49 thoughts on “[720p HD MOVIE] Wangan Midnight English Subtitles

  1. This stuff was BETTER made than the anime with very much level. Enjoyable plot, and the mood, totally get the point.. Nice built movie. Maybe a strong 7.. or a weak 8 at on scale of ten.

  2. I hope they make part two where they meet the guy who made the z fast and brought it back to life again, cause the engine did not brake. Also they reinforced both cars to be able to withstand 300 kmh

  3. devilZ it's a car with soul just don't want to be in the road
    The accident of Akio in the bridge was the same of Akio

    Weird part at the end devilZ has stock wheel yellow light

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  5. if you guys didnt know.. there are 2 Akio Asakura's the first one was the original owner of the Fairlady Z , the second owner was also named Akio Asakura but this time he is accepted by the Fairlady Z because of the new Akios skills at driving the car is called the Devil Z because it has the speed of a Devil..

  6. Literally non of the accidents were the Z's fault but the driver of the 911. Every accident was caused by him trying to provoke other drivers to race him. Hilarious especially since he's meant to be a doctor and his priority would be to preserve lives.

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