50 thoughts on “2018 New Martial Arts ACTION Movies – LATEST Chinese Action Kung Fu Movie


  2. Excellent movie!! It was emotional as well as great action! Thank you for allowing us to understand the struggle that one man has gone through while he sought the Shaolin way of life! Buddha bless to all!

  3. Nice production for a bad subject because ShaoLin was never against a communist army in a battle, even when Communist Party took the temple under political control and many monks went away. Other monks stayed not being allowed to say nothing publicly. Check out in the internet the abbot who explains how they live under weekly control.

    The real war between Buddhist and communists happened in Tibet where the Red Army slaughtered thousands of tibetan warriors and later, torture monks the oblige them to renounce. If nothing has really changed since then, Tibet stills under Chinese government occupation by martial law. The PenChen-Lama stills in prison from decades because he was arrested at around 8 years old.
    Dalai Lama was in India from his teenage. Today, I don't know if Penche-Lama is dead or alive.
    The last important Buddhist community in China was Fa-Lung-Da-Fa and obviously, no official did nothing to let those Buddhist go out of prisons.
    A shame on the producers doing this film not saying nothing about the hundreds of thousands Buddhist their army did, just for fun. Bad entertainment.

  4. This film has no respect for ShaoLin nor Buddhism, just a mediocre entertainment for ignorant people that deserves to be underpayed.

  5. Nice to see Fan Bing Bing acting in this drama, have not seen her in acting for a long time. Andy Lau, and Jink Wu, played great parts a lot of blood shedding in this, all for treasure that did not belong to anyone but China itself. Always looters in the mist for greed of gold.

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