42 thoughts on “Soaked in Bleach – Full Movie With Subtitles(English & Spanish)

  1. Great documentary, thank you for posting… just a little pissed off that the subtitles are not even there when it matters the most….

  2. Courtney Love was no doubt part of the plot but ultimately Cobain was sacrificed for some reason by the ruling powers.
    Love is just the front person in this conspiracy.

  3. The actress playing Smith is terrible. I can’t get through this it’s so bad. I love Kurt and it takes an idiot to think she didn’t have something to do with his death but Jesus Christ the acting of this lady

  4. Love wasn’t gonna let the world know that Kurt was leaving her. She’s a full blown narcissistic. Plus she wanted the money.

  5. Wow! Seattle fucked up ROYALLY!! Their lack of actual investigation into this death is disgusting, unprofessional, lazy & criminal!

  6. Courtney love the master mind ?? This guy also believes the earth is Flat. Btw the guy who called the radio station like a little girl before the family even knew. Your a fuckin Cunt.

  7. It’s so fucked that she’s just out living her best life . She didn’t give a fuck about Kurt and it sucks that he was the one who had to suffer. We miss you Kurt ❤️❤️ there will never be another talent like you again . Karma will get that bitch someday

  8. I saw once some kind of "alternative cut" with other scenes, as Courtney in a car and stuff. It really exists? Where can i find it?

  9. h o l y s h i t . this was such a good documentary. got my theories rolling. i think courtney is guilty and dylan might know some stuff that he isn’t/wasn’t telling because courtney told him not to.

  10. 1:47 now that i´m running out of ideas for songs…he had a ton of unreleased songs enough for him to gather more inspiration i miss Kurt Cobain he was my Teenage Idol was in chock when he died, still like Nirvana to this day

  11. Kurt never wanted to commit suicide .He tried kicking out heroine and leaving Courtney love . (I think) in the "suicide" note he never mentioned things a suicide note would have 🤔 I'm a huge nirvana fan and ever since I've liked nirvana , Courtney love always seemed like a disgusting woman that gave a very bad influence to Kurt and frances to me. EDIT: The Courtney love actress was pretty good but obviously …. Courtney was gross …

  12. I was a huge Nirvana fan in the 90’s I was truly hurt when this happened. I can’t wait to here about her passing hope the bitch burns in Hell.

  13. All Junkies live secret , mysterious lives. They hide, sneak around and do what they got to do and score, and go hide.
    Junkies make good conspiracy theories.
    The same thing happened to Chet Baker, Sid Vicious when Nancy Spungen died and when he died.
    Johnnie Thunders, Jesse Ed Davis.
    Junkies make good conspiracy theories.
    Whatever happened to him , nobody will know for sure.

  14. I would have been satisfied if an investigation of the events finds evidence that everyones missed that proves Courtney Love is innocent and Kurt did kill himself. Let me see that evidence im good to go. No one can say absolutely for sure what happened to kurt that day However, im sure it was not investigated, and i thats an injustice we can all agree on. its despicable. you should see how bad Elliot Smiths suicide was bungled. Apparently he stabbed himself in the heart TWICE while he was fighting with his girlfriend, and he had slices in the inside the joints in his fingers as he if had tried to defend himself. It was not investigated either.

  15. Idk about the lethal dose of heroin thing because it depends on the person and believe me I have unfortunately insider knowledge on this, I’ve done an amount that would be considered lethal to the normal person but he was a recreational user he prolly had a tolerance.

  16. I use to feel bad for Courtney because I never really sat down and watched anything about her or Kurt I just remember her getting boo'd at this event and people yelling at her that she killed Kurt … but there's literally evidence hanging over her head that she did it! Jesussssssssssssss!

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