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  1. I heard that it's based on a real story and the real one is more twisted and dark and the girl didn't even live happily ever.. . That's just so sad when I try to think about it

  2. this movie- idk. it’s really good but it just makes me feel so gross after watching it omg. after i watch it i just can’t stop thinking about it why am i watching it ,

  3. It wasn't his fault to love a young girl. It was her fault she's a psycho her way of treating everything, her rude ways of talking with him in the car, she was so childish she wasn't mature in life at all as she's mature in sexual orientation, she was acting sexual with all old men's.. yes she's a psycho

  4. I see myself in this girl, i was 14 without a mother or father, Older men were interested i never gave myself away but I'd get what i want, every moment in my life was a slice of regret
    I didn't.

  5. I tried going a little into the movie for a taster. At around 16:00, Lolita sits down before Irons with her legs open and says, "I'm sleepy today." He answers, "Me, too." But the caption said "Meet you." If you can't be bothered to transcribe the dialogue correctly, you shouldn't upload anything. It's pointless and frankly, insults your audience.

  6. Every body once in there lifetime has to face this when a temptation comes in front of you like Humbert got tempted by the little girl I call it his lust greed and that he was self centered sorry but nobody should take it as the Humbert loved Dolores at all if he loved her he would have sent her to school to classes would have educated her in the absence of her mother instead of literally using her in the worst way he could ….people reading this I would say in ur as well physically intimacy should be practiced only after u r matured enough after 25 or so but no one gets this before they suffer a lot I assure u that u will also regret100 percent if u do so ….. Live ur life love ur mother even if she's rude live ur studies and love urself that's it have the intelligence to differentiate between good and bad….was such a lovely movie

  7. At 1:18:18 …what a pervert, paedophile this Nabokov was?! An elite school where sex instruction for adolescents is "normal".. And not for the sake of birth control, nah, nah… but for sex!! Sick.

  8. All i want to know is how old was she and how old was he when this movie was made because they should not be kissing if she's under 18. Also this whole movie was disturbing. Oh and everyone needs to remember rhis is a movie so he might actually be nice irl

  9. I have read that a major inspiration for the novel was Charlie Chaplin's relationship with his second wife, Lita Grey, whose real name was Lillita and is often misstated as Lolita. Lita was only 12 when she met Charlie, he cast her as one of the angel's in The Kid as the flirtatious angel. He fell in love with her then but did not have a romantic relationship with her until she was 15 and married her when she was 16 years old believing her to be pregnant. In the book and movie Lolita's first sexual encounter was with a boy named Charlie Holmes, whom Humbert describes as "the silent…but indefatigable Charlie."

  10. The Lion King casting director must have known this dude would make the perfect Villain as Uncle Scar just from this film alone 👌🏼 Such a scary charming predator, just like Scar

  11. Reading all these comments and I agree with some! I felt all kinds of emotions but in the end I felt sadness for her! For her lost of innocents and an uneasy feeling has I told girl on here that when all he heard was children's laughter upon the hill I had a very uneasy feeling of discomfort! I feel there are so many that can relate because they've experienced it. I myself too have experienced it! Family! What a laughable word. There is alot that you love so and then there's one! One that when they come your skin crawls and you feel that dirty feeling and just want to crawl into a hot shower! I could go on for days. I won't but I will say the movie left me feeling empty and sad!.

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