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  1. The patronising/condescending tone pervading this documentary combined with its dubious penchant for stating widely known and established facts in an almost revelatory manner undermines the otherwise worthy subject matter somewhat.

    I'm paraphrasing but "not every pilot who fought in the Battle of Britain was English" (and similar) = No f^cking sh^t Sherlock!

    Shame. 🙁

  2. The treatment of the Poles and many other fighters including loyal hill tribes in Burma was disgusting, but don't worry lads the ruling elite treated our working class as canon fodder for hundreds of years, so you are not alone. True patriots thank you for your bravery and service.

  3. The poles the only ones who have a right to be here , after the war they could not return to Poland as it was Soviet, they were for the rest of thair lives marooned away from their people and families in England throughout the cold war . This film gives the suggestion that they all left this is not true i have met a number who stayed , an old girlfreinds father told me a different story , .we came to the defence of Poland, the polish air force never ceased in saying thank you

  4. I have watched this documetary both on Channel 4 and a few times on You Tube, and each time the ending breaks my heart to see how the Poles were treated. This country should be ashamed of itself, for behaving in such a way when these Brave Men joined us at a crucial time to fight on against continental tyrrany. Yes in 1945 the British people were fearful what the Russian Juggernaught planned to do…… were they going to take over from where Hitler and Germany had been beaten, in pushing further westward at a time when Europe was exhausted from 6 years of war. However, we should have been above that in seeing that those who has joined us a comrades and fellow combatants were equally recognised and provided the option to remain here if they wished. Instead, many Polish pilots returned to their homeland feeling unwanted here, only to be arrested and sent to Russian Gulags as traitors and/or spies as a result of fighting for Britain. Sometimes, the hypocracy of this country makes me sick and ashamed, and leaves me with little wonder that the British are so hated around the globe.

  5. I appreciate a feeling of betrayal at the end of the war but realistically what could Britain have done? Churchill knew Britain was a spent force as a military power by the end of the war and worked to secure what little power he could retain for his own nation. I don't think any world leader would jeopardise their own nation's position in the world to try and secure the position of another country. Even if Britain had attempted to defend Poland from Russia, they would have been defeated in a month. Possibly with atomic consequences.

  6. Polish pilots, who returned to Poland after WW2, were imprisoned and even killed by communists. Why? Because every of them was a hero for Poles.

  7. The contribution of the Poles is not denied. But, it has to be said that the Poles didn't come here to help us, they came here because we had the aircraft that enabled them to take revenge on the Nazis that had been massacring their families in the previous yr!!!! Let us get the balance right here. The same goes for several other nations that were ravaged by the Nazis!!!!!!!

  8. It's sad that the Poles fought and gave their lives in the battle of brittain only to have their country fall under the communist rule and many of the pilots deported. Correct me if I am wrong.

  9. Does anyone know anything about the complete series (“Bloody Foreigners”) from which this one episode came?
    I think the whole series should be amazing.

  10. BLOODY FOREIGNERS …ALL WHITE AND FIGHTING FOR WESTERN CULTURE!!!!!!!?????? i.e. respecting and not trying to destroy Western Democratic Christian based values and culture as so many abusive and disrescpectful "foreigners " try currently!

  11. RE: We were never really welcome in this country. I don't know why not. Nazi Germany's general staff and senior civilian governments were mostly Prussian nobles. The same in England. It was an internal power struggle across Europe. All nobles wanted selection for the few slots in the new governments. To heal the rift between the two warring countries, ethnic German (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) QEII married a Prussian Aristocrat, Prince Philip Albert Battenberg (later changed to Mountbatten) from the House of Hesse (Prussian). That's why.

    Today, most westerners do not give credence to noble linage and absolute power they once held. Nor do they recognize the historical role the aristocrats play in current politics. It is as it is, nothing will change that.

  12. Dirty British. The free masons sold catholic poland put to the Gresmans and Russian communist. It was the evil protestant Zionist masonicic plot to destroy the catholic nation of Poland. Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill were a dirty Free masons schemes and Bloody sacrificers for the devil. Rosesevelt was worse of because he was a closet communist. Stalin was a communist openly. Churchill at least had some honnor

  13. Frantisek was Czech, apparently he wanted to fly with Poles from 303 for some reason (?). There was more Czech pilots fighting for Britain then and sources say they hung around with Poles which is not a surprise. We do the same nowadays when abroad. Well,we're Slavs, aren't we?

  14. What are they talking about? Is it revisionist history or something? Thousands of polish people settled in England after the war; the government set up places for them called Resettlement Camps and there was a big one near us in Leicestershire outside Melton Mowbray. Quite a few of the lads I went to school with had polish surnames, and my next door neighbour for many years until his death at 92 was a Polish refugee during the war.

  15. Unlike the "Little Englanders" I welcome the Polish immigrants who share our values and are hard working, they have made a substantial and positive contribution to the nation. It's well documented that Poles were a significant help to Britain in WW2. British Government betraying the Polish people? Nothing new there.

  16. In developing enigma with the university of Warsaw mathematicians. They gave the British a wonder weapon that helped to destroy the German armed forces because the British could read their intentions in advance. The capture of German submarines and their enigma machines further ensured the defeat of the Germans. The polish Air Force also shot down 109 German aircraft in the 1939 attack although they were ultimately defeated at that time. They did that with obsolete planes. The Escaping to France and England. 140 polish pilots fought in the Battle of Britain. 303 was the highest scoring squadron in the Battle of Britain. I salute them

  17. I would like to add a comment on the betrayal of the poles by the British. During talks between Stalin, Churchill, and FDR, Stalin to a large extent was far more friendly to FDR than Churchill because he correctly assertained that Churchill was far more aware of world politics than any American President could be with their belief that the world revolves around the USA (been finding out of late that it doesn't I suspect). Historical evidence of Stalins diaries etc support this view, while Churchills diaries show his efforts to correct this ignorance on the part of FDR were in vien. I do believe that is Churchill had, had his way the USSR would have been nuked, after the German surrender. Not sure if we would've wanted that either but the direction Churchill wanted to take was clear, and it was actually the USA that held him back and in effect caused the betrayal of the Poles as he couldn't go it alone without the USA.

  18. some of the highest kill rates in battle of Britain came from Polish fighters, and yes Schools in UK taught us to remember them along with wojisk the bear : ) even though the government let them down in the end…A UK lad who appreciates what Poland did for us

  19. Britain didn't invite any of the Carabian volunteers like my dad to the victory parade either. Bloody foreigners are one thing … black bloody foreigners is way beyond the pale.

  20. A salutory tale: A significant part of this nation's history of which most people remain ignorant, and at the end is a shameful betrayal which has echoes of the 'British Values' on display in the 21st century. The inconvenient truth of our indebtedness to these people is drowned in our insular national exceptionalism, and our jingoistic capacity to learn absolutely nothing.

  21. subversive garbage meant to destroy native britons confidence in themselves thus making them susceptible to 3rd world invasion. while the deeds of those mentioned in the film may or may have been of great merit, the objective of the film itself is nothing more than propoganda with an agenda. I salute all the poles mentioned in this film but this is coming from Channel 4. the goal here is not to lift up the polish people but rather instill the idea in the mind of brits that foreigners were the ones who acheived everything for them. they will show them this and then turn around and say "Now its time for the Muslims and Blacks to do all our acheivements for us so dont you dare object to our multi cultural utopia!"

  22. My mother's family survived the war thanks to the bravery of these young men. For them to have been denied their due until now is an everlasting shame on Britain .
    Za wolność naszą i Waszą

  23. So many Polish – Canadians volunteered for military service in the Canadian army. Simple solution to language barrier. The army used an interpreter – aide for Cdn. NCOs and officers, whenever addressing the Polish volunteer units. For example, at roll call, the interpreter would sound out each man's name, correctly pronounced so, no confusion, or wasted time, as portrayed in the documentary. I'm sure the Brits did the same.

  24. Jacek Placek, thank you for supplying facts. A Canadian of Polish descent. My distant cousins in Sandomies, proudly told me of bravery, under extremely difficult conditions, when local farmer / partisans knocked out 3 Nazi tanks, in a gulley near their village. They saved the entire village from being destroyed.

  25. Schmuldamar, you said, One month and 5 days 🙂 Thats the time you need to squat your pathetic joke of a country of the map 🙂 your salt is just a national inferiority complex 😉
    But, Schmulduar, today, the muslim immigrants are making / giving Brits a national inferiority complex. The irony of your remark is awesome. What a schmuck you are !

  26. At the end she asks 'why not'. Well, consider that it must have been disembarrassing for the British to admit that the Polish had outdone them. Britain and France had gone to war in guarantee of Poland's sovereignty. But it turned out that the Poles were actually better fighters on pound for pound basis. Kind of awkward that as a super-power the country you went to war to safe, actually ends up saving you. And you turn out to be powerless to respond in kind.
    That's why I think the whole thing was hushed at the end of the war. The Poles had done so much for the British. Yet now the British could not help them, because the Soviets occupied Poland.

  27. my heart and soul goes to all the brave young men in the Battle of Britain you gave your life's so we can live on so to all the brave young men R.I.P we will remember them

  28. It was only to be expected that a few Poles assisted the UK against the Luftwaffe given that it was Polish atrocities against German civilians that dragged Britain into an essentially continental fracas in which we need have played no part and would not have had it not been for Chamberlain's crackpot treaty with Poland. Hitler had sought diplomatic solutions to the problem but the Poles ignored all attempts for a peaceful solution leaving Germany with no alternative but to slap their wrists.

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