30 thoughts on “Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

  1. professional liars do not stick their foot in their mouth as much as trump does. I think he is part redneck and has to respond to topics for fear others will not do them justice. I will eat crow if he is a liar yet he seems more normal than any president we have ever had. if I paid 100 people to call you a liar does that make it so. I knew people in the clinton circles and this crap is not their first time to do things like this. They are pushing all the limits now for if they do not get Trump out of there many people from the past will go to jail. The things that became normal in politics since Reagan left are no longer hidden. Today's tech world and the ability to back track tech coms is biting then in the ass big time. The days of wag the dog or over. Like cops with everyone having cameras the bad actors are in panic mode for they all for clinton money have made some serious decisions. After being active in these circles yes even in dc for a bit the ugly truth will come out under Trump even if he gets egg on his face it will not be for selling the American people out to lobbyist and even causing the death of many if not all for many years who could expose them. The dems are pushing focus on Trump so we wont look deeper into them. WAG THE DOG. The dems lobby will lose billions under trump. Allot of past indiscretions and crimes will be exposed under Trump and the funny thing is if they would have lost with dignity all these people would served out there time with pensions. They lied and cheated and hurt people and are to stupid to see they will one day get the media turned on them for the American people will not stand for lies much longer. Should have took their millions and been quiet and tried again in 8 years. have you ever been involved in investigating crimes. have you ever met any of the left wing players. have you ever known any of the people that ended up dead before they could testify from these people. Well this shoe fits me very well and I am so glad I am out of that shot. Keep believing what your told and follow them off the cliff. Do not listen to me or anyone else. Grow a pair and start looking up facts and where they come from yourself. Look who owns the sources and where their mother companies are and always follow the money. Trump cannot be bought. You cannot bribe a billionaire. And they cannot stand not having a puppet in the White House. I am dirt poor Veteran close to homeless not the elite. not the wealthy getting wealthy and I have more money now with Trump then I ever did with anyone else to feed my family and pay my bills. Any politician who pisses of all the others must be doing something right.
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    I really hope they get rid of the liars and corruption. Is trump corrupt. Neah he is just mouthy before he thinks thing through like the rest of us are. Big oil owns mother companies of media, Big oil owns most of movie makers. Before trump millions in taxes were paid by tax money to Hollywood. Trump said no more. Trump said no loop holes on movie income tax breaks, Trump said all profits of movie industry will be taxed accordingly. So we know we did not trust politicians for years. So if a man who is elected president and he seems to piss off all the people in the past we did not trust maybe he is really doing what is best for us and not for brother and sister politicians. I am retired from Uncle Sam and can promise you some new politicians start out on the right track. after 6 months they fit in with the rest of the corruption. Lobby money and pressure is overwhelming. After a year they only think lobby money and getting reelected. Only a honest man would have the clout to scare all the dishonest people. Did Trump sleep with Stormy. You know he may have. Most billionaires have open marriages and it is understood. I do not really agree with it but is the norm for many at his level. If he is not a private player then I feel for him. No proof yet. Just the word of a person you would not allow your kids to talk to much less watch. She falls under the people you teach your kids to stay away from. Why would we take her word for milking the Trump lawyer for money at the right time then now is offered more money so she is playing both sides as long as she gets paid. Ok in the past all other presidents under this fire from bad actors the bad actor would have had a heart attack. Nothing has happened to her. Enforcers do not warn people in parking lots. get real if she was a real threat she would have had a accident. Trump has a mess to deal with and he has tried to not fire people to let it play out so the people would not think he fired people because he was guilty. yet time to fire them now. Prosecute them as well as the Clintons. Obamas etc. Look into every players past and associates. get real, Possible past player Trump or major crime associated dems. The reps are on oil money also. They all are under oil money so the reps are hiding and letting it play out. Please people start looking up things for your selves and learn. You are a leader a thinker for yourself. Not stuck in a box and must go with only what you are told. Break free and learn to use your own minds not the media bullshit. many Vets have seen the truth and the lies people here are told. Suck it up and believe you have been lied since Reagan. Escobar was partner with bush and Clinton. Look it up your self. If dems tell you to follow the rest of the sheep off the cliff then yell at a Vet for help. Even though your lost we will save you. Combat Veterans are people who fought and died to protect your rights to remain a jackass.

    There are many kids in the world who would welcome a closed door school for learning for once inside a true secure place they can focus on learning harder and playing harder for the stresses of live are checked at the door. You must secure them from agenda driven teachers as well. Teach kids to listen to all side and judge for themselves and to have the strength to admit when they are wrong and the strength to never gloat when they are right. Not try to teach them how to think and why you think what you do. There is not supposed to be a box. Thinking outside of the box instead of conform, conform conform. You take 100 kids to a closed prison and watch them. Most all after a few minutes will run down the halls and play so what if your schools have super tough security. You lock your doors at night and often during the day to keep them safe why not lock out the threats in what ever way you can at school. Corp world now you cannot walk into buildings are just go where ever you want. You should not be allowed to in schools. Any personal opinions should not be shared by teachers. Just facts and open discussions from the young great minds your trying to build and free not trap in the conform box.

    Until you can fix this country. Until parents are allowed to have enough income to have a home and the proper amount of time to raise their kids with morals instead of having to overwork to get by and trust school and society to guide their kids you cannot prevent shit. Love your kids enough to teach them consequences when they are young for if you do not the police will later. Today it seems people are more me me me than best for the family. Work to much to try to keep up with the Jones and neglect their kids. I mentor many many kids and most poor kids want some cool clothes and love & attention. Most rich kids want time & attention from parents yet both follow other kids without morals because of boredom and the need to be excepted. teach the kids all the skills you can so they have some esteem and the knowledge they can make things happen and not fret over what they are not given by others. I have saved many kids from them selves and bad parents who ignore them or belittle them. I have lost a couple also that were warped so bad from no consequences in their lives they could not be saved. That sucks to lose a kid because nobody rich or poor loved them enough to teach them right from wrong. How to politely make your point or challenge without hate. How many countries have you been in. The best secure schools produce more educated young people. Not oppressive schools like some counties just strict routine learning and play time with not as much student stress and personal drama as in USA public schools. Ever wonder why private schools get better results. The kids are kept both mind busy and active, Evaluate and target their strengths to build esteem then show then how to build in other areas instead of throwing cookie cutter generic info at a large group of kids and being satisfied if only a few get it. I came from a broken home with an out of touch hateful mom yet became blessed by a tough as nails yet would hug you and reward you when good stepfather. He saved me from me. cared enough to be tough to force yes force me to behave when needed and then took the time to explain without emotions the reason we need to act in certain ways. Trust is earned, Freedom is earned with good manors and respect, Love is teaching young people how to maneuver through life managing every point they need to make without offending others if possible. Life does not happen. You have the power in this country to control your destiny. Families with real rules and consequences either one or two parents create better kids then worrying about what it looks like to the kids at the time or the rest of the world. Two lions have cubs. one lets them do anything they want and they get run over and killed. The other Lion swats them every time they get near danger, Which Lion loves her kids the most. Toughen the schools. get teachers who care and are not just control freaks, Test kids for strengths, Strengthen kids who need it. generic open click driven, political driven. un-intouch school will not work for kids, young people and even adults are not generic thinkers.

  2. What is reality and is reality really important? What's the main organ used in vision? For the second, the answear is the brain – and just like that, reality is to each one what one perceives as reality (no, I'm not high!). For Trump the important thing is making his voters accept the reality he feeds them. Trump is not dumb and he knows how marketing works – as John said on "Stupid Watergate" his previous job was basically selling his name.

  3. The same director who did the moon landing? The conspiracy theory says that it was Stanley Kubrick, who died more than 20 years ago.

  4. I highly recommend you stay away from Breitbart news fox news and info wars because all of those new stations are always will be and will forever be fake news!

  5. The whole two sides of the same coin saying relates except its more like d&d dice with 12 sides truth lies and a bit of both

  6. John u r a dirty Paedo cunt u libtard Paedo why don't u tell people what turns u on come on John u r quick to do it to everyone else, well I will tell people for u , John has a sexual interest in young children age between 4 to 9 year olds u stupid people u r watching a Paedo and having a good time with this Paedo I can and will prove it, John I spoke to u before about your sexual preference, kill all Paedos bastard's 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫 your children r not safe around these people

  7. Of course, we all know that if it's in the media, it has to be true.
    Just look at the National Enquirer, and other blab rags run by unscrupulous paparazzi.

  8. Why we preventing the media Outlets from providing false information or misinformation. Or make them state that they don't have all the facts of the story but this is what we know so far.

  9. More than 1 year later and still can't believe that at least half of Americans believe in "the wall". Don't they learn history in school? Name a boarder wall that has ever worked.is Hilary locked up? And that swamp looks much bigger.

  10. Give it a rest. We all know how the cabal that calls itself unbiased media hates President Trump, but this is getting old and just plain pathetic. All of you need to see therapists to help you get over your "TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROMES."

  11. He's not funny, he just plagiarises Jon Steward and Ben Elton and throws in a angry little boy pretend stammer. Stay in America…prick!

  12. That yuppie in "Cheers" was the only straight guy I recognized. I should have fled to Europe with the other one. I hate America. When the vampires take over and it's a netherworld, don't expect me to ride out there like Vampire Hunter D looking for Sally Lame-Horse tickets and doing noble acts. You people pick up your own room. The countdown continues of losers in charge. F this stinky "Goth" show. There was 3 more in there.

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