49 thoughts on “Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Full HBO Movie (HD)

  1. Si me preguntaran..Quien es mi héroes sin duda respondería Spawn, en él hay argumentos sostenidos sobre la real vida existente de la conspiración quién mueve los hilos actúa con maldad y se apodera de la conciencia de los que realmente hacen su trabajo sin escatimar la maldad que hay en ellos.

  2. Keith David steals the scenes here for sure but the voice actors for Sam and Twitch did a fantastic job. They absolutely tee-off on their lines and draw you in.

  3. I’ve known spawn since
    I was 11 when my dad first introduced to him and his origin is very interesting , sad , and depressing . Also , he can’t die, he can make himself of anything with his powers, and his enemies are cool . Especially the clown.

  4. the plot of this movie has so many intricate sub plots that it masterfully twists into one big final conflict.quite interesting.

  5. I think the scariest thing in this whole movie is that there are people like Billy Kincaid who exist in this world.

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