43 thoughts on “The White Tiger (with subtitles)

  1. Great movie. The Germany was destroyed by the western forces in the war  but they recovered from the war destruction and became economic super power in Europe. War has only one friend That is hatred. It leaves behind a trail of destruction and crime against humanity. 2nd world war taught that war has no good effect only leaves trails of human misery. let us take oath  to stay happily and serve the poor. Nations are only physical boundary and not emotional one.

  2. Though some bits not historically accurate shouldn't be. This move is a ghost hunt during WW2 with lots of messages about war, it's a great film.

  3. Amaizing ending. Hitler explaining to the Devil (that's what I think this guy in the shadows is) the terrible truth: Europe did hate the Jews and Europe did and still does hate the Russians

  4. Is the Tiger an IS type tank made up to look like a tiger tank? The wheels on the tiger seem to loo like an IS-3 or IS-2 tank

  5. Сколько бы не восхищались за бугром, а у русского душа все-равно лучше плачет !

  6. Those are amazing closeups of T-34's. Unusual scene of wrecked tanks being transported back to the repair facility. According to somebody on the Quora website, Americans used their Shermans very wastefully because they had so many. If one got hit, it was abandoned and not fixed. When German generals saw the mountains of supplies that Americans shipped over they knew the war was lost.

  7. This is one of the best war movie ever. The Russians know how to tell a story without all the Hollywood BS.

  8. I have been to Russia. The people are hard. It is a poor country. It is still yet to overcome the devastation & loss of the second World War. BUT, they are a patriotic nation like no other. They are peaceful & only want the best for their childrens future. God bless Putin & the Russian people. Я был в России. Люди трудны. Это бедная страна. Пока еще предстоит преодолеть опустошение и потерю второй мировой войны. НО, они патриотическая нация, как никто другой. Они мирные и хотят только лучшего для своего будущего детей. Бог благословит Путина и русского народа.

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