35 thoughts on “The Expendables – 2018 Newest Films

  1. That's Michael Pare, he almost became a big star back in the early 1980's when he made a movie called "Eddie and the Cruisers', the main song, 'On the Dark Side' made the charts too. I haven't seen him on the screen in a long, long time.

  2. bunch of s****d they knew the head is the weakness but they keep on shooting the body har har har good thing about the zombies they already knew where to shoot hehehe

  3. way better than the hollywood version x180% inspired me to live another day. worth the watch. best thing about this movie – everything. this is wat made great movies epic. 9.710 anything better would make it worse….💪💪👍👍✌👌👌

  4. This isn't THE EXPENDABLES.. The expendables i know and I have watched, there is JET LI, JASON STATHAM, SIR ARNOLD and my most favorite Mr. STALLONE and WESLEY NIPES. And many more.. I'M THEIR FAN..

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