40 thoughts on “The Century of the Self – Part 1: „Happiness Machines”

  1. For the States this is a must to understand how deep embedded this Stuff is in Our Black People then We understand why the Uniting of All our People hasnt happened cause even the Conscious Folk are used by this Mass Brainwashing cause the Brainwashing has been Honed from Centuries to Decades thats why Our History is not Enough to Undo. What has been done to us we have to look at the Root of how we were Conditioned to be and act We have been Puppets every tactic that has been used TV and Much more Devious things that was Planted Our People are Yet on some Level being Used by these Methods..The Disconnect of Ourselves and our Youth is not by Accident..Its By Design and We are lost if We dont take these Blueprints and come up with Plan to Undo..Im talkin bout In this Day and Time..but We have been Studied and they know some Black People will wave it off..Ahh this aint nothin knew..It Behooves Us to Wake Up for real..

  2. The tactics are way older than this video makes it sound.
    read some history, It is an age old story dressed in new clothes, think Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince, 1469-1527, Rome both Empire and Republic, the use of the Coliseum, the premise of bread and circuses to placate the masses along with divide and rule. It is even older than that.

  3. This film really struck a chord with me when I was younger. It's an important work that looks at the human animal in an unflinchingly critical light. Today I think of it often as I look around the world, at the society we have, and I think to myself "is this really what we wanted the world to be?" or "Is this just the unintended consequences of naked apes with free will"… Either way thank you Mr. Curtis.

    Also, I can't believe the anti-semitism on this thread. Those of you espousing it should be IMHO ashamed of yourselves.
    Looking at the profiles, I honestly have to wonder how many of you are bots just trying to stir up mayhem.
    And .. if you are bots trying to split us from each other, please stop. Might I suggest engage in honest debate instead. I realize it's much less monetarily profitable, but, of course, honor and decency are priceless.

    Again – thanks for the thoughtful and difficult work Mr. Curtis.

  4. So it looks like it wasn't just Freud himself who was unhinged, but also his asshole nephew. I always hated consumerism but now I loath it even more and now know who the monster was who created it!!!

  5. Its a nice docu… but Its shame that filmmaker Adam Curtis later on said on many occasions that JFK was shot by former U.S. marine Lee Harvey Oswald.
    Also he said that 9/11 was done by bunch of arabs with knifes. 🙂
    He got stupid or what ??? Did the zionists frame him??

  6. The Jews happened to russia = communism.

    Freud was wrong, it's not the people that are the monster's it's the elite's that are the monster's who are the psychopaths who use us on there chessboard for the game know as global domination and nwo!

  7. "Programs are Programming the Public"

    Each of us has repeatedly been affected by the "Psychology used in Advertising also Applied in the News Broadcasts and Programs"

    Persuasion- Creating desired Response from the Public.

    There are no Standards of Ethics, Review Board of Ethics, or Watchdog Groups, protecting the public or public/country interests.

    Information/Media- the most Powerful Tool to control and manipulate people and a country.

    Second is Money – same individual controls Federal Reserve ownership, since 1919.

    Neither USA Citizen nor Resident, and is also the War Loan source (both sides), since the era of Napoleon and Wellington.

    That makes me interested in finding out: Why? and Why has the Public allowed Congress to abide this dangerous ownership?

    (JFK spoke of this publically and made an intention to change this. He was assassinated 2 weeks later. Speech video available on YouTube) Same source family was one of the founders of the CIA, along with Bush, Sr's father, whom was also found guilty of Nazi sympathy through finance management for Nazi Germany, article published in NY Times during the 1940's and is public record.

    BTW, Bush, Sr was CIA Agent in Charge in Dallas, November of 1963. He later was promoted to Director of the CIA and subsequently went on to his VP position in the Regan Administration, then his own term as President, during which he enacted the most extreme favoritism in tax laws benefiting the top 400/1% Establishment, and specifically for "The Banking, Finance, Insurance Industry".

    It is now known that JFK was assassinated by the CIA and there were 3 shooters.

    The US working class has yet to recover the balance in a consistent tax plan that allows fair benefits and in "value of the dollar". At no time in history has the US working class and middle class suffered greater or more obvious unjust separation in the amount of earnings, value, and tax costs than during both Bush Administrations and in the "current new tax plan, as it is set to evolve over the next 10 years".
    The tax breaks for the top 400/1% will cost the USA budget over 1 Trillion Dollars and have no alternative but to be absorbed by the Middle-class and Working-class, in both tax costs on Federal and STATE LEVEL (Sales Taxes and Local Taxes) and lost benefits.

    Every state in the USA that maintains a standard to long term Republican Admin/Governor and legislature has the Highest State and Local Income and/or Sales Tax System, which every Professional Tax Accounting knows – is the way that governments use a shadow effect to gain the monies that are overwhelmingly not recognized or considered by the public to attain an accurate reality of – why they are remaining or decreasing in the position of "Shared Financial Resources" in the USA. (This fact data varies in relation to changing state Admins – best used as a rule of thumb and recommend checking state for specific accuracy.)

    The top 400 has increased their wealth by some 30%+ and the Middle and Working-class has encountered a reduction of 28% and growing, since 1970.

    There are nearly 3 generations of Middle Class and Working-class that have not experienced the effect of the earned dollar's value, as their predecessors of the 1950's and 1960's enjoyed.

    This is why both partners in USA married couple families must work to achieve their desired needs, relative to same of the 1950-60's.

    References and data sources all available through Google and are Public Information.

  8. The point is – who owns all MS News Media including the "AP"?

    Rothschild – controlling owner, also owns our Federal Reserve and – the Funding source of War Loans – (both sides) and Profits of the loan and spoils of war.

    Owns the media, promotes the wars – what a gig.

    The Public really needs to cooperate towards freeing media – should be US owned and in a Stock Share Plan – to protect our Country and citizens.
    Because Peace isn't Profitable and thus prejudice and hate promoted, amount citizens in a country and country to country.

    Too obvious – needs transforming to positive opportunities.

  9. Nowhere in our constitution will you find this so called "Democracy" This was intended to be a constitutional republic. Anyone, or anything pushing the democratic narrative is lying to you.

  10. "government needs to step in to control the irrational forces of the masses"

    yet never will it be defined what they meant by "irrational forces"

    the listener just swallows it and continues on as if nothing happend

    what a shame

  11. (((they))) thought they had it figured out 🕵️‍♂️🕵️‍♀️
    then the goyim awoke again. 😎

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