20 thoughts on “See No Evil – The Moors Murders – Full Film

  1. Thank you for posting. The Brits do the best drama. So sad and moving!. If you did not post it on you tube I would have not seen it.

  2. I am really impressed with this powerful movie. While watching the movie I couldn't help but wonder about Ian's background as his childhood, there wasn't much about it though out the movie. And I don't recall reading or seeing anything about it in books or documentaries.

  3. This drama is very good and the acting is brilliant. However having lived in Miles platting/ Ancoats in Manchester as a child- our back garden overlooked the house where Lesley anne lived. The recreation ground where she was took from the fair-we played there as children in the 1970s – very sad watching this.

  4. The acting ,and script is great, but I find myself getting a disturbing feeling as soon as I seen which way the movie was going. The guy made me feel creepy right from the start. Well I did say the acting is superb. I guess I am weak when it comes to children.

  5. Myra"s mother should have been stripped and horse whipped in the street the lying hard face bitch – the apple doesn"t fall far from the tree – and Dave would never have been envolved if he hadn"t married into that family – Dave Smith is a fkg hero in my book

  6. I think in 2013 when Brady was petitioning to leave psych hospital for jail, to kill himself, they should have cut a deal. Give up the bodies then you can go back to jail, after consulting the victims families

  7. The bit at the end where Maureen meets up with Dave and the kids at that little boating lake that's in Ashton me and my mates used to go there when we used to skive off school and then later on in life while I was at tameside college in Ashton I was seeing a girl from college and we'd park up there they were the good old days.

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