48 thoughts on “Royal Rumble Kickoff: Jan. 28, 2018

  1. When it’s Something For The Univeserle Championship On Brock Lesnar Why Does Braun Strowman Have Too Be In It We Know Brauns No Match Against Brock

  2. Hey vinny, think you could pull this off, Holy War I Main card: Allah vs Yahweh, undercard: Jesus vs Satan then a Royal Rumble featuring the Angels vs the Demons? staged somewhere in the "holy land" preferably on THAT mountain (outdoors) and depending on how the box office and ppv go a rematch somewhere at a "holy" site with significance to people who think they were created and didnt evolve like scientists say giving concrete evidence. LOL
    p.s. i only got one event left on my bucket list Wrestlemania, love your product and pro wrestling.

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