39 thoughts on “North Korea’s Darkest Secrets Documentary 2017

  1. oh my god what just happening in north korea is the leader wants his wish to accomplish by making the the entire country by fooling with the limitations of programing of peoples sub concious mind

  2. humans basic needs is being fooled by that stupid leader and he does not know the true purpose of life in the entire universe and i think that his sub concious mind being fooled by lots and lots of illusions just as a war game he playing games with the power that he got just as a monkey

  3. And then some people recently said that the USA is the bad guy, you know, because Trump. Unbelievable how hatred for one person can blind people who claim to be liberal.

  4. "He purged about half of his top military." That sounds very similar to the actions that Stalin took. I am starting to note that communist regimes aren't in reality a viable option in economic terms, however, what they do well is consolidate power. In practice there does not seem to be any constant revolution of the worker's party but instead just a dictatorship with a cult of personality to go along with it.

  5. One day I'm sure this will end through peaceful negotiations I know someone who is the son of a north Korean and he thinks the same all I can truly say is One Day!

  6. This documentary is actually from 2014. Whoever uploaded this stole it, and the thumbnail is actually of the Chinese military (i think. i really wanna find the original picture but i cant.) You can find the original documentary on PBS, it's called "Secret State of North Korea | FRONTLINE"

  7. These 'documentaries would have a lot more credability for me if they were made by aljazeera or someone, rather than by the U.S or my own country the U.K.
    I now do not believe a single word i hear on these Zionist owned fear porn filthy media.
    What i DO 100% know is that no-one in North korea, Iran, Russia, China or anywhere else want war with us or anybody else. They are sick to death of our governments being murdering bullies… and they have had enough.
    Our arrogance is astonishing.

  8. I believe this documentary to be accurate in its depiction of the suffering of the North Korean people. What I don't believe is that all these problems can be traced to and laid on the shoulders of this one single man. This documentary would have us believe that if we got rid of this one man, the problems of North Korea would be solved. There is more going on here than meets the eye.

  9. If they are into videos, why not send them videos to help them with hydroponics farming and water cleaning tutorials, anything to help them become more self-sufficient.

  10. Kim Jung Un: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTNYMYbwj7g Ohhh I want one, Gordon Chang tell General Motors to set me up. No American President can give justice to your ingenuity General Motor guys there. If you accept a contract with me, I will not only put up a great show but put an entire department to make a full show of the other support systems. I will create a entire medical and dangerous substance team with medics and doctors in a worst case scenario in standby all the time. A advance hi-tech hazard team to monitor air, moisture, temperature and detection electronics to detect foreign substances including biological. And I will personally wear a heartbeat and monitor device with personnel analyzing and monitoring it 24/7. I want a far larger one not less than 3 times if possible because I want a video feed of my surroundings to house the drones I will send out and scout and a room for my 2 of my top generals, my bodyguard and butler. I am a tech guy after all my generals will pilot some for me to keep me pre-occupied and they will point at any direction I want to tell them too. The rest of the drone team are choreograph to watch specific area depending on the terrain, location and number of people. MMMOOOMMMMYYYY I WANT ONE, OR ELSE NO MEETING WITH TRUMP!!!!

  11. More United States propaganda I see if the commentator has a US accent I don't trust a word of the documentary especially when it comes to North Korea.

  12. I don’t know why all western media call their enemy Rajeem which is a Quranic word which is use for Shatan (devil) for me Donald trump is biggest rajeem on this planet who is responsible for killing so many people just sack of power what a shame…

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