49 thoughts on “No One Would Tell (1996)

  1. What an asshole! Only 24 mins in and he is pissing me off!!! I can't believe he ripped up her poem and then allowed her to fall without helping her up.

  2. Uncle Danny And Uncle Jesse Would Have Stomped A Mudhole In Bobby's Rotting Ass Then Shot,Stabbed And Hanged His Disgusting Ass Stacy Didn't Deserve To Be Treated This Freaking Way Tho She Couldn't Hang Out With Her Friends Bobby Was Extremely Jealous And Angry If He Saw Her Talking To Anybody Like Stacy Belongs To Him A Man Is Supposed To Respect A Woman Not Abuse Her For Any Damn Reason It Was Very Sad What Happened To Stacy In The End Hope Bobby Is Rotting Under The HELL Where He Belongs R.I.P.

  3. …I just noticed that Bobby didn't "jump-bad" with Detective Anderson, and I also didn't see him 'slap' the judge after sentencing so I suppose Bobby isn't as big and bad as he thinks he is! Just once…in these Lifetime movies – could they send one of these bastards to the gas chamber, or fry them like a crisp piece of fresh bacon in "ole Sparky?" These life sentences should be banned…talk about the prisoner's rights…what about the poor victim's rights?

  4. The best lifetime movies starred actors from 80s and 90s Tv shout out to Delta Burke Tori Spelling Nancy McKeon Judith Light Candice Cameron Alexandra Paul

  5. Sorry to say but this ruined for me i have frirnds that were jocks in school n we still are friends but my respect for all jocks is history.

  6. Low self-esteem is a mother! Ladies don’t ignore signs of an abusive or possessive man.. it can turn deadly quickly

  7. True story, with an amazing cast!!! Fred Savage is one hot looking guy; actually he still is!!! It's saddening how many people now a days still go through this kind of bullshit…Open up your eye's please, before it's too late 😞.

  8. he was so unstable …she wanted him to change and he was to far gone in the head rest well Angel I remember this movie

  9. Men like him scare me first sign I see that's it that fake love crap won't cost me my life ANY Man That hits you does not love you !

  10. i love this movie. this movie explains so much to teenage girls not to get with guys like that and they this is real. I was in her shoes before but they never got that bad

  11. I love watch old movie coz' they are good actress and actors. I don't like New movie a lot of bullshit and imagination and a Lies story

  12. Good movie! Mr. Wonder Years (Fred) did a realistic job with this character. Candace was great as well💜 I experienced this shortly after high school and was blessed to get out..He made it very hard to leave ..I wore the scars on my face and body and finally had the courage to stop protecting him by staying silent..after 4 years I successfully left the nut.

  13. Amy Carnevale (the real Stacy) suffered a worse fate. After Jamie Fuller (the real Bobby) slit her throat…he stepped her head and said callously "Sucks to be you Amy" then left like nothing happened.

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