33 thoughts on “Mankind Rising – Where do Humans Come From

  1. This is nothing but a totally made up BEST GUESS at how we came to be .. Sadly it's total atheistic bullshit ! and rather laughable ..Absolutely not a shred of evidence to back up any of this !

  2. This doesn't even make sense in the beginning he said all we're identical which means even if we combined it would just to of the same thing having sex lol it would create the same thing lol this is like one of those stupid theorist people that don't have any proof or even remotely close to what it possibly could be.

  3. WOW!!! See how etheist and evolution fanatics do their piece of crap. Check the facts: there are no evidence that links humans from evolution, bones collected from the museums around the world are simple animal bones that humans and non believers tend to link up.

  4. A lot of fights are happening between Christians and Atheists in the comments so I’m gonna clear things up. Us Christians don’t believe in god just because what our parents teach us or because the Bible told us so, I mean who would believe it just because a book said so. We believe it because we are living proof of God and what he can do. Take me for example, I was born with a disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. The doctors said I would never be able to ride a bike, run, or even walk, but here I am. I can do everything the doctor said I couldn’t. That’s why I believe, not because someone said he’s real.

    Another misconception about Christians that we are a religion. We are far from it. Catholics, Baptists and so on, there’s to many of them to even count. The real Christians are just called Christians or message believers. A lot of Christian religions try to change the Bible and say it meant something else. Real Christians go by what the Bible said and will always do.

    God does not send you to hell. You send yourself there. We are the reason the world is like this. When Eve took the fruit of Adam (Which we all know was not really fruit.) she let sin into the world. There were no talking snakes. The devil temped Eve and that’s why it happened.
    The devil or Satan was once an angel named Lucifer. He wanted power, to be one like God and so God banished him to hell but when Eve took the fruit she let the devil through.

    God and Jesus are the same there is not three gods like the catholic think. There is only God who goes by many names.

    Now I know I’m gonna get a bunch of atheists trying to prove me wrong so I’m just gonna ignore those but If you want the truth read the Bible, The real Bible, KJV (King James Version).

    Thank you to the people who took the time to read this and God Bless.

  5. So it takes about 3.5 billion years to evolve into a dumb monkey and only 5 million to go from a monkey to modern man flying to the moon? Cmon, I thought we are supposed to be intelligent.

    We are all too familiar with the calls for teaching of alternatives to evolution by religion, especially fundamentalists and creationists. While on the surface, this may be a somewhat reasonable demand, but is it really?

    If the alternative includes a god, the bible or a particular religion (say Christianity) we would be in immediate violation of the Establishment clause of the U.S. Constitution. Putting the legal issue aside for a moment, the practical problem that arises is: “which god, which religion, which creation story?” Should we discriminate against all gods, religions and creation stories, in favor of a single accepted god, religion and creation story? There is simply not enough time to teach them all, but that is not what Christian creationists want; do they? They want their god, their religion and their creation story to be the only alternative to evolution. This is an extremely dishonest and discriminatory proposition.

    But other than legal and practical issues, the major problem is the following:

    In order to consider teaching a creationist alternative, we have to accept that creationism stands on an equal footing with evolution science. Creationism would need the support of evidence in order to be an alternative to evolution, which is backed by mountains of evidence. But creationism is not backed by any scientific evidence, it is a belief system. As such should we be comparing a science based explanation with a belief system? If you are thinking logically, does this make any sense? No it does not.

    What about “academic freedom”, the latest canard from creationists? Just another deceptive wording to hide the true intentions of creationists. When a teacher signs on as a teacher in the tax payer funded school system, he/she must follow the predefined school curriculum and text. There is no “academic freedom” in the classroom where a teacher is allowed to introduce his/her own interpretation of the subject matter and include his/her prejudices. If the so called “academic freedom” was allowed, than what would prevent me from teaching the “great benefits of Hitler’s Nazi propaganda” in the history class. Or the “alternative” to gravity theory in the physics class.

  7. Appreciate .. tough I've a ? That bug my science!
    If life evolved from one… I wonder why other spies evolved from? IE. dinosaurs.
    Or is it genetics from that one.. that modified?

  8. Do any creationists actually understand the Theory of Evolution? It is not obvious that they do based on their comments here. I know it is a statistical fact that creationists on average are poorly educated and have low IQs but these comments render those abstract statistics into a tangible output.

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