49 thoughts on “King Kong vs Godzilla | Hollywood Movie | Action Hits

  1. I understand the desire to put your ch. mark on the movie and as such I appreciate the fact that yours was small and colour muted (thumbs up). I tried to watch Attack of the MONSTERS another TOHO movie but the huge bright red and yellow mark used was too distracting to allow me to enjoy or even watch. Enjoyed the movie, THX

  2. odiei umaa bostaaaaaa que merdaaa isso ta uma porcaria esse filme cara esse filme e uma merda velho se e loco esse godzilla da pra apareçe que e briquedo nada vê mano

  3. Must have spent $50 on special effects I reckon? Those kid Tonka Toy tanks were cute.

    Electricity makes King Dong stronger, who wooda thunk? Damn, learn sumpin every day? Lol? Luv the gorilla suit, dem teef tho, WTF?

    Look, up in the sky! Its a bird, a plane, no…its King MF Kong floating on helium balloons! FN classic movie, lol?

  4. Why don't they grow the berries themselves. Yes, lung caner and music will save the day . The scientist theory holds no weight at 41:00 into the movie. Godzilla is a highly intelligent creature that always figures out a way to defeat his nemesis 😀

  5. im looking for some mothra movies,,,mothra vs godzillia or some of those newer mothra movies,,,,this movie is good too,,,

  6. Movie is great. You're going mental with commercials (13 of them). I'm not going to install "add blockers" on my clean phone, because without ripping code apart, I don't know what info those things collect… and then sell back for more profit.

    Thanks for posting classic movie, but you're getting thumbs down from me.

  7. Su pelicula es feo y orible y tanvien su mono vestido noes real solo es una persona
    😤😤😤 😫😫😫👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 👅

  8. in the U.S., it takes weeks sometimes months to one build power station but the Japanese will build a perimeter of stations around Tokyo in less than one day to protect it from Godzilla lol

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