49 thoughts on “Jurassic Shark | Full Movie English 2015 | Horror

  1. and it starts with dumb fucking whors they open legs to every guy that looks at them and thinks they want them.

  2. I'm super high on my pain pills and this is still by far a dumb ass movie. I gave it ten minutes of my life, I'm gonna want those back.

  3. someone want to explain how a 55 foot long 15 foot tall shark manages to swim in 2 feet of water. I mean the guy was standing in water up to hi knees…

  4. ahahahah, only by this start, it' all to laugh..
    a gigantic prehistoric shark, on par in size with ancient whales and mosasauruses…in low waters.. with a "great white" look on a side and a strange skin on the other… bye bye reality

  5. talking about surf sand and waves beach,etc..and its the f^&* LAKE!!! lol..i love stupid cheesy movies like this..lol!!!

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