20 thoughts on “HyperNormalisation 2016

  1. This documentary does not contain everything that I consider pertinent to the subject therefore it is clearly jew propaganda.

  2. I have to say that i think a lot of you watching this have lost the main premise of the documentary, the first 20 minutes and the last are the most important, in-between it just tries to bring these two things together: The Soviet Union were trying to extoll a socialist ideal and yet their populace knew their leaders were lying but everyone went along with it (because honestly what else could you do) and in recent years it is the same, frame your perspective as to what is happening today…. "Hypernormalisation" everyone believes "this is fine" when it is anything but. You may have issues with any one of ten historical points in this documentary but it doesn't change the over-arcing narrative. You have accepted Hypernormalisation. This is FINE.

  3. Why would one use the footage of Chauchescu's execution in Romania while talking about Soviet Unions collapse (at 1:07:00)?!? That just takes away from their credibility…

  4. Am I supposed to be sympathetic because Assad got nailed when he tried to play with the big boys? I'm glad he wasn't able to unite the middle east. He's a dead cunt.

  5. 15:50 they say it's the Arabs coming together that will topple kissingers power…i don't know about anyone else but I know it isn't kissengers power and dominance that they are worried about if Arabs come together…. its isarels dominance.!!!!!

  6. Disjointed review of history with an oddly special interest in Assad and Ghadaffi. This was the most interesting waste of time I've spent recently.

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