30 thoughts on “Fist of legend [1994/Jet Li] – HD

  1. What is crazy is that here he plays the student of the master he learned wu shu from and in the movie fearless jet li played the master wich was also an awesome movie!

  2. And this is when airmen and aircraft from both Great Britain and the United States of America were sent to defend Chinese lands from the impeding invasion of Japan and Nazi Germany.

  3. bruce and jackie don't need to playback scenes at a faster pace in order to make things look fast, and also they didn't need to use all those wires to make it look like they could do a bunch of upside down kicks and flying into the air… the kind of wushu jet li did, that whole government sponsored BS he was part of, is just awful. I used to like this movie as a kid cause i didn't know better.

  4. Chen Zen is Huo Yuan Jia's didciple?? I have never known that. So this movie is right after the tournament, because Yuan Jia died. Also, Jet played both times! Awesome!!

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