29 thoughts on “A Thief In The Night (Full Movie)

  1. IDF, ISIS, Israeli secret intelligence service, Mossad, Satan's soldiers! The synagogue of Satan! Satan's little helpers. Nobody ever listens. Times up. Justice! Judgment! Welcome to the United States of Israel!

  2. Right now there are united nations military on the ground in America. Soldiers. United Nations soldiers. Trump is doing nothing about it. Since when does a president leave his people's lives in the hands of foreigners? Trump is a traitor! He is a satanist! He is giving our country to the Jew world order. California is on the verge of collapse. Tons of people are leaving California. Yellowstone is ready to erupt. California is going to sink into the ocean. Hawaii will be totally destroyed, Japan too, and most of China. 30 days after Yellowstone erupts every living thing on the entire earth will be dead!

  3. What's funny is the Bible never says that Christians will be taken before the tribulation. It actually says that they will be around during it, even insinuating that many Christians will be put to death during the tribulation. This film is propaganda to get people to convert, which is for all the wrong reasons

  4. I first saw this movie in 1986, the age of 15. It woke me up to really what will happen when the Rapture occurs. I think everyone should at least give this movie and/or The Left Behind series a view at least once.

  5. As a kid I believed it would happen and now as a middle aged adult I know it's going to happen! Prepare for flight believers!

  6. So much fantastical bullshit. I am forever amazed that there are actually people that believe that this will happen. What’s scary, is the fact that some of those believers are people that are in positions of power. Insanity.

  7. Hm what if the mark of the beast is not a literal number, it could be something like a premise in this movie that 'only citizens can buy or sell'. Reading Revelations is scary but this movie is frighteningly good

  8. The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five has the ISV version of the parable as I can give you the link for this on reddit.com; if you're wiling to feature the film — I hope you're willing to go further as The Pattern Of Diagnosis can invoke the parable without parroting word for word. I suggest The Living BIble's version of this with the film because this emerged in the 1970s and having ties to Carol Stream, Illinois.

  9. What a bunch of horrible shit. That scene with the song was like a fucking cult. I'm really happy that there's no fucking God.

  10. I watched this on Amazon prime. Saw the mark of the beast in the movie as 2 circles with 2 vertical lines between them. This symbol was portrayed on the middle of the screen from Amazon as to where to click to pause the movie, exactly as on their hands. This movie was 30 years before there was an Amazon. What's up with that Amazon!

  11. This movie is ridiculously spot on .. and now we are living in the times when the chip is already being used in the world. I know two things .. I LOVE Jesus and I DON'T WANT TO BE LEFT BEHIND!

  12. OMG That movie was so bad it actually had me hoping the world would end. Do christians keep praying for the world to end because they are so unattractive? And if god can cure anything, why don't amputees' limbs ever grow back? Or doesn't god like amputees?

  13. This is a good simple explanation of Jesus and the importance to get saved by Jesus before he returns and judges the earth with his wrath. This scared my daughter enough to have her run into Jesus' arms for his forgiveness and a guarantee to get into heaven. Wonderful movie.

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