47 thoughts on “3 Tunnels 2 Hell | Full Horror Movie

  1. It was good. I have to make mention of the cinematography, directing and the horror special affects. Again, some of the camera work was really good.

  2. I lived in the PNW.  Loved it.  It gets kind of creepy on the islands at times.  Some of the people are creepy as well.  Socks and sandals.

  3. With the location, it could've been an awesome movie.  No strong plot and no solid acting whatsoever.  Watched it though.

  4. this film tells people watching this that these actors or soon to be dead victims are fucking dumb and they have no brain cells the only character in this film i'm going to route for is the animal thing that are going to kill them to these actors deserve to Die and the cops are stupid

  5. Good movie, title wasn't fitting for the location filming. I usually have to sift through king of horror movies for a hour to find a good one, this was good start to finish .

  6. This is terrible acting. The people's voices are so monotone and they act like seeing a dead body is normal

  7. Ok I'll give it a 6 out of 10. I actually enjoyed watching it, not the best but definately not the worst (I actually watched "Bigfoot vs Zombies" which was so bad that I couldn't stop watching, I had to see if it would get worse, and it did. But you know what I enjoyed it.) And those people with only complaints, its a B-Movie if you only watch movies with perfect actors/plotlines/effects then you must not watch many movies at all. Thanks for the upload…

  8. That's crazy I grew up in the state this was filmed in who knew Washington was so famous lol I haven't seen too many movies filmed here so it's pretty crazy

  9. Very well done and effective horror flick. It takes place on "Serenity Island" off the coast of Washington state. A group of workers at a horse farm start to be killed off by some animal which they think might at first might be a bear, but it turns out to be a "family" of people dwelling in some abandoned tunnels left over from WWII on the island. They were accidentally infected with a deadly strain of the Ebola virus years ago and received a vaccine which kept them from dying, but, unfortunately, allowed them to turn into homicidal, cannibalistic, mutants. The tunnel system they found to film this in is enough, even without the mutants, to creep one out. Definitely worth a view, imo.

  10. hell myass were is the blazing fire? were is the torture evil monsters with red eyes that torture people according to their sins? and were is the master of hell satan? crap movie make something more realistic than this human monster crap movie. that creatures looks like zombies and nothing from hell. WTF!!!!!

  11. Now they kiss out of nowhere….Horny people in this movie.Maybe they shouldw focused more on the whole movie rather than just the sex scenes.

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