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  1. as a European , i cannot understand why this show was so controversial in the USA… i will never understand why , Parents will never say a thing about their kids watching ppl get killed, and the Violence depicted just for entertainment and no deep meaning, cos i really think there should be a tons more intelligent TV shows like this one that educate ppl , and try to adress real life issues, wether it is discrimination, bullying, racism, homophobia, anything that teens or even kids can experience should be adressed in each schools along the journey of a kid to a young adult …. the same goes here in Europe, but these kinda show would not shock a part of the society thinking it is bad. not talking about all of this is the worst thing to do …

  2. Hannah was too depressed eventhough the rape was a very aweful event to her, still she shouldnt have blamed everybody for her suicide and made those tapes, she should have been more open to her parents about her mental issues and seriously fought against her rapes case, I honestly think the way Clay put blames on other people doesnt make sense and is absolutely ridiculous and somehow the plot of the movie is that they are right/good on blaming them, which makes the movie more shitty.

  3. I know Netflix is getting so much backlash over 13 reasons why, but, as an adult now that went through several of the issues highlighted during my teenage years, thank you. Thank you so much for forcing people to talk about these problems.

  4. my friend was playing clay Minecraft suddenly became me Hannah actually said I pretend he was not to pull his absence said watch the movie said hello to mcpeye return

  5. I hate how this show is like “omg this is real, this is a serious show about serious topics” but then when they are criticized for how DANGEROUS AND UNREALISTIC THE SHOW ACTUALLY IS they say it is “just a show.” Poorly written and romanticizes suicide. I disliked it ever since I read the book when it first came out. Shame.

  6. I really feel they could've done this show a lot better. They discuss wanting to make men realize what's been going on during and after a rape. However, they really ignored the fact that "men" take these events. (Clarification at bottom). They fail to realize that women rape men as well. They change their minds. It's poor judgment to just focus solely on a woman's issue.

    I think we also need to realize the symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder in Hannah. No one is a true victim in this series. She has very serious mental disorders that were covered up and given excuses because of the events she's been through.

    "Men"- Tyler's 'emotional' bathroom scene in Season 2

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